Unique Temp

Product Code: Item-149

Cutting-edge temperature management systems - upgrade your OR with Geratherm Unique Temp Unique Temp is the hypothermia prevention system that completely revolutionises the work of anaesthetists and makes their task very much easier. The system provides heat faster and more effectively than any other competitor product in the world, ensuring maximum comfort for OR patients and considerably lowering the costs incurred by inadequate temperature management. Anaesthesia benefits Optimum and direct conduction of heat Very short warm-up period and even distribution of heat Can be connected to any number of warming blankets Surgery benefits No noise from fans No hazardous dispersion of germs or particles through air disturbance No release of heat into the environment Operation Management benefits The lowest-cost warming system per application (with reusable covers) Precise calculation of costs according to time units No running costs from the changing of contaminated air filters

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