Product Code: Basal

For natural family planning!
Cycle thermometer with Galinstan – the eco-friendly measuring fluid.

The measurement of a woman`s body temperature can, under ideal circumstances and provided measurements and documentation are carried out correctly, indicate the period of fertility and the time of ovulation. It is important to measure the body temperature immediately on waking. The measurement of this basal temperature is thus a natural alternative to chemical and hormonal methods of contraception.

basal | end product properties

non-toxic, environmentally friendly measurement of basal temperature by using Galinstan
lifetime guarantee of accuracy +/- 0.1°C
easy to read thanks to magnifying case
100% hygienic, easy-to-clean glass case
100 % waterproof
100% antiallergic
no need for batteries
inclusive table of analysis
measuring range: 35.6 °C – 38.4 °C

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