Vaporizer - Isoflurane

Product Code: Item-144

Technical data: Concentration range: 0 to 5% Temperature range: Ambient and Vapor temperature During operation 15 to 35oC During storage (empty, dry wick) -40 to 65oC Flow range: 0.2 to 15L/min 0.2 to 10L/min (normal usage) For concentrations >5 vol.% Filling volume for anaesthetic agent: Approximately 340 ml with dry wick, 300 ml with moist wick Maximum angle of tilt during transport (control dial at 0)any position and angle During operation straight up. The keyed filling system conforms to the following Standards for naesthetic-agent-specific filling systems: ISO 5360 23mm Conical connector ISO 5356-1 Warm up time: 5min Mounting type: Draeger plug in, Selectatec Compatible, Cagemount (ISO 23mm tapers), Fix Mount, Cagemount With interlock Filler Type: Pour fil, Easy-fil, (Isofulrane) Pour fil, Easy-fil, Quik-fil (Sevoflurane) Packing material: a) Interior packing materials: Polyethylene bag. b) Interior cushioning material: EPE foam. c) Outer carton: corrugated cardboard boxes.

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