Broncho – Fibrescope

Product Code: Item-22

XZ-10 is the newly launched model of broncho-fiberscope with a super thin water-proofed insertion tube, diameter:3.6mm. Thanks to it's special technical specifications, this model is suitable for the examination of pathological changes in sub-peripheral areas of the oesophagus, trachea, stomach, etc. and it also be used to make static and dynamic records, teaching by demonstration.system (OES) Angle of View Field: 85 degrees Forward viewing Depth of View Field: 3-50 mm Fixed focus Outer Diameter of Insertion Tube: 3.6mm Outer Diameter of Distal End: 3.6 mm Range of Tip Bending: Up >-130, Down >-90o Working Length: 550 mm Total Length: 790 mm Waterproof: Yes Purge of Tube Whole: Yes

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