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As an innovator and a pioneer in modern shadowless operation light industry, Heal Force incorporates LED (Light Emitting Diode) and Beam Sharper technologies into product development. Heal Force has a comprehensive understanding of the operation room, and can therefore offer better LED surgical lights, which are comfortable and cost-saving.

The new generation of variable and fixed focus TOPLED surgical lighting series , incorporate innovative shamrock design to minimize the influence to laminar flow in the operating theatre.

The latest LED lighting technology allows full visible sepctrum and excellent cooling illumination for long-time surgery with much lower power consumption.

Optional non-contact light intensity adjustment further reduces the movement need of lamp head against variation in surgery, which will greatly promote the surgical efficiency and infection control.

Depending on practical surgery requirement and space limitation, hospitals and clinics can flexibly configure hardware and installation solution, as well as multi-media extension for surgery monitoring, teaching and multidisciplinary purpose.

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