Oxygen Concentrator 0-5 ltr

Product Code: Item-510

Technical data: 1.oxygen flow(L/min):0-5 2.Oxygen concentration:93%+/-3% 3.oxygen delivery pressure (Mpa):0.03~0.07 4.humidifier delivery pressure (Mpa):0.02+/-0.005 5. Noise dB(A): 6. (-W)nebulizer(ml/min): ->0.5) 7. rated power: -/<350(AC220V/230V); -/<400(AC100V/110V) 8.net weight(Kg):21 9.with power failure alarm 10.with timer 11.with remote controller (NOTICE: -W nebulizer; -Y with oxygen purity indicator) 12.110V/50Hz and 220V/50Hz are available Power failure alarm: Yes

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