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No Filters No Sterilisation No Batteries No Power transformer No Messy Sensor Changeovers NO WORRIES ! * No Filters: Always ensuring the system has a low resistance to flow for all spirometry tests. * Improved Patient Safety: The precise GR Spiraflow flow sensor allows improved security in infection control when the patient is finished simply throw away the flow sensor. * Accuracy as standard: Spiraflow is designed and tested to meet all ATS Flow and Volume waveforms. * Lowest ever Dead Space: The incredicbly low dead space (<24 ml) of the new GR Spiraflow ensures that the Spirostik can be used to test even small children with extremly low ventilation. * Snap change flow sensor: With the revolutionary new snap change system operators never need to touch a used flow sensor again. Simply ease open the snap clip to allow the used sensor to fall out. * USB Connectivity: No additional power cables no battery chargers,no connection difficulties.

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