Veterinary Warming

Similiar to humans, animals are aso affected by anaesthesia during surgical operations and may suffer from increased risk of hypothermia. While the animals body may tolerate minimal temperature changes, under anaesthesia, their cardiovasular, metabolic and nervous systems may be affected due to hypothermia and create additonal problems.

Pet Warming Systems provide an effective warm and comfortable enviroment for animals that carry the risk of hypothermia. Warming the animal before during and after surgery deduces the rate of post-operative wound infections, shortens the recovery times and increases the survival rate.

As well as mattresses, soft and lightweight blankets can also easily cover and provide a comfortable warming experience for the animal. Carbon fibre material used as the heating element in the mattresses and blankets allows for complete homogenous warming. Our systems work silently with digital LCD displays to adjust, view, set measured values.